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P A F (2020) CO., LTD.

P A F (2020) CO., LTD. or simply PAF, is headquartered at 33/137 Wall Street Tower 28th Floor, Surawong Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand. Since its establishment, PAF has been committed to developing and expanding the pet food business. The company is a subsidiary of the Lee Pattana Group, which consists of two companies: Lee Feed Mill Public Company Limited which located in Phetchburi province, Thailand, and Lee Pattana Feed Mill Co., Ltd. which located in Saraburi Province, Thailand. Initially, Lee Pattana Group focused on the production and sale of livestock animal feed (swine, dairy, broiler, ducks, and quail), and including aquatic animals (shrimp, fish, frogs, etc.). With the growth of pets domestically and internationally, the pet food industry rapidly expanded. With modern factories and equipment, PAF attracted multiple brands for OEM production and achieved tremendous success, with these brands being sold domestically and internationally. In 2020, the management improved internal factory equipment and production technology, obtained certifications such as GMP and HACCP standards from Department of Livestock Development, ISO standards, and export certification from China’s GACC, and also established the subsidiary PAF. The company owns the following brands: Petto and Jato Wow for dogs, and Mao Mao and Mao Mao One for cats. Our pet food products meet the standards of the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), providing complete nutritional value while also meeting the nutritional requirements of the National Research Council (NRC) of the United States. Our formulas are developed by a team of animal nutritionists with over 40 years of experience and undergo pet testing to ensure pet health. Our motto is “Caring for Every Stage of Life.”